New Orleans designer comes with brilliant idea creating a mask with drinking modification

one year ago

New Orleans news, Louisiana news.

A New Orleans designer has found a solution to the residents who adore drinking together and are now forced to wear masks in public by inventing a face covering that allows sipping drinks.

Ellen Macomber is a designer and owns an online shop that features accessories, capes, and caftans. She decided to join the battle against the pandemic by producing masks made of cotton and embellished fabrics. After getting the idea from a friend, she started the production of the mask with drinking modification. Less than an hour after its launch, the entire lot was sold.

“We were thinking of doing a lip applique, where it would flap open and close, but you’d have to touch your face. So, we just drill a little flap, an extra layer, and you angle the straw to get in. So the hole is never completely open.”